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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Something afoot

Been resting since Tuesday. Had an appointment with the physio who had both good news and bad news. Good news is that despite having an odd way of walking, I've not done any serious damage, but the bad news is that he had to strap up my foot and advised me not to do any more walking until I've seen a sports Podiatrist. This is going to put me behind schedule, as the first appointment I can get is next week. I was hoping to do the West Highland Way this weekend but instead I'll be doing all i can to relieve the swelling and irritation in my feet - with ice buckets and strapping! Anyway, I have been doing a lot of planning and I am still very confident that I can get to 500 miles once I have sorted the foot problem next week.

that pesky foot!

With my feet out of action, I've been up to a few other things instead. I met two fellow CWW volunteers for lunch the other day. Jo and Laura both spent several months in Belize and were very enthusiastic about the experience, the work they did and the country itself. I'm now even more enthusiastic myself (if that was possible!) about getting away and this is helping me get through all the bits and bobs I have to sort out over the next 8 weeks - visas, flights, Spanish lessons, arranging mail and tax returns (yeuch).

So a big thanks to Jo and Laura (and Bob too!): the advice was great, and some very interesting stories!

BTW If you get the chance, check out David Walliams' cross-channel swim attempt. Really impressive stuff:

stuck at 84 miles for now


Henry said...

Its not a pretty sight is it, no excuses, you stll have the other foot, get on with it, I have every faith in you big man.

Calum said...

You're a hard task master HP! I'm going to the specialist tomorrow (Friday) so fingers crossed. At the worst I'm hoping she can replace my right foot with a wheel.

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