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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Sun, Sore Feet and a Few Days Rest

Ma feet are killin' me! I was at the Scotland v Pakistan one-day international (cricket) on Tuesday. Didn't understand what was going on except that the beer was nice and cold and the sun was hot. I got a bit burnt and a bit merry. Still managed to walk 7 miles to Edinburgh Park where I got the train home.

No sunburn next day but my right foot was very sore. Still, after work I took the train to Uphall on the M8 and walked over the hills to Linlithgow for another 7 miles. Next day I was hobbling and took the day off hoping it might ease off a bit. It was better on Friday and Saturday but still too sore to do any serious walking.

Instead I took a wee break and caught up with friends over the weekend. I went paintballing on Saturday with Nik and Debbie (happy belated b-day!) and loadsa really nice folks from through in Glasgow. Great crack, picked up several tasty bruises (one of which looks a bit like an extra kneecap below the 'normal' kneecap on my left leg) and just had a great day out. What a really really nice bunch of laidback folk, you couldn't pick anyone nicer to shoot you repeatedly at point-blank range.

Today I did 4 miles along the river Ayr but foot is still sore so I'm off to the podiatrist tomorrow! Tonight I'll be going to bed dreaming "please fix my foot Mr Foot Doctor!" so I can add to my total of

84 miles done and dusted.

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