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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Two steps back, Three steps forward

It’s been a long week with my sore foot not improving, but at last I got some really good news today.

I went to see Toni Blacklock (, a sports podiatrist in Edinburgh. She was absolutely superb (I would highly recommend her for all your foot and lower limb problems!) and has given me a lot of confidence that we can sort out the problem and I can get the 500 miles done.

The problem is pretty complex - to me at least (I am in awe of the human foot now, it is a fantastic piece of mechanics!), but basically Toni is confident that there is no damage to my foot and that specially customised inserts should solve the problem.

In the meantime, I’ve to take anti-inflammetaries, ice-baths (pictured) and sleep face-down at night with my feet hanging off the end off the bed (not pictured).

My foot feels better already. I’m going camping at Loch Lomond with some friends this weekend and hope to get a few miles in, though I know I need to take it easy at first.

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