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Tuesday, August 08, 2006


After Friday’s record breaking day, I managed to walk another 12 London miles on my blisters on Saturday and Sunday. I was joined for part of the walking on Sunday by Jackie, Kate and Tony. We set a rather leisurely pace after Kate and Tony’s house warming on Saturday night.

Kate and Tony's new house is lovely, with a cracking sun trap at the back where we had a top quality barbey. (Hello to the other top of the pops veterans - Fiona, Graeme, Jill, Min and to everyone else).

It would have been quite a relaxed evening too… until someone got out Singstar Karaoke on the PS2.

Being a veteran of Dancing Stage Euromix on the PSone, Dancing Stage Unleashed (One and Two) on the Xbox and Donkey Bongo on the Nintendo Gamecube (am I really admitting to all this?), I am a complete sucker for any kind of party/dance/bongo/singing console games. I wasn't disappointed with Singstar Karaoke. I think the photos say it all, and probably too much.

Girls Aloud brings out the worst in Tony and I.

Kate and Jackie rock Balham to its very foundations.

240 miles and counting.

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Graeme said...

Having examined the photos, I have to say it looks like a wise decision for us to leave before the karaoke started! Although Kate and Tony provided a top quality barbeque and were splendid hosts, I do have to wonder whether they have not been the unfortunate recipients of a noise abatement ASBO!