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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Flights and Walking Late Nights

Warning - extreme close-up alert... again.

You would think I would have my flights booked already. At least, you’d think that if you didn’t know how disorganised I am… generally, as a person. I’ve been phoning travel agents in the last few days. Apparently my preferred round-the-world route is ‘unconventional’. I think they mean that I’m going up and down a lot as well as round the way. Upshot of this is that I’ll be flying over 40,000 miles.

In the interests of sustainability I’ve worked out that my own personal contribution to global warming will be to raise global temperatures by 0.00000000000000000000000000001 degrees. For those of you living in low lying areas I apologise profusely.

That said, I've been making plenty use of Shanks' Pony - a much more environmentally friendly method of transport - in the last few days. Went walking with Stuart on Tuesday night - a 7.5 mile circular route from Stuart's house in West Linton.

Stuart’s palatial country residence is visible somewhere in the background of this photo. Seriously though Stuart, you are a lucky man to have such fantastic views just a few minutes from your house. (and apologies - couldn't resist using the picture with the giant sea-slug in the top left corner).

I had a meeting in Alloa on Wednesday afternoon. Used the opportunity to go up to Dollar and walk from there up over the hills to Burnfoot and back - 9 miles. Another fantastic night, great weather and reservoirs, but no-one around.

So up to 138.5 miles.


Graeme said...

Please provide detailed calculations for global warming amount. Did you factor in other "emissions" from excessive quantities of beans being eaten in central/south america?!

Stuart said...

You forgot to mention the perfect preparation for the Belizian (sp?) jungle provided by the massed attack by thousands of members of the Borders regiment of the Giant Flying Ant army.

Calum said...

I've been auditing my calculations. I realise now i forgot to carry a 1 somewhere in the middle and it should be an increase in temperature of 100000000000oC not 0.000000000000000000000001oC. Actually, this now feels like a typical day at the office...

Calum said...

Stuart - can't believe i forgot to mention the pestilence. I will be taking my malaria tablets the next time i visit W Linton. Hope you're recovering from the 'boils', 'hail' and 'locusts'. And isn't it funny that I was able to prevent the 'death of livestock' on my later visit!