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Monday, May 26, 2008

A New Career and A New Home in A New Town (Going Through a Bowie Phase at the Moment)

I belatedly realised that the title of a previous update could have led you to believe that I’ve become as slovenly as to only update the website four times a year.

This update should abolish that impression.

I have a new home. Please see various images of the fantastic views. This is the key selling point. Otherwise it’s a ‘studio’ apartment. Like most real-estate euphemisms, ‘studio’ really just means one big room with a bathroom. I may be dating an artist, but I’m not about to turn into one.

I like the apartment though. It’s small but cosy. There’s a gym and a jacuzzi downstairs. It’s very very near to town. The swimming pool is even closer.

LEFT: Yes, this really is the view!

I’ve been doing a lot of swimming since India. Otherwise I’ve been trying to spend as much time out of doors as I can. After a very poor summer here (by Australian standards), the autumn has been amazing. Every day has been 20C and sunny. As it gets dark by 6pm, its best to do as much as possible outdoors at the weekends.

Talking of weekends, my next adventure will be a trip to Fraser Island for the holiday weekend (6th-9th June). Fraser Island is a fantastic wildlife/beach/ocean getaway. Dom and I are very excited. Actually, I’m amazed they still celebrate the queen’s birthday here. Though if the alternative was one day fewer holidays in the year, I guess I’d celebrate anything.

Happy Birthday Keith. We had another big night out at the Argyll last Friday. This was a more sober moment – must have been near the start of the evening.

Work is going well though. We had our annual fundraiser last week. I was a table host – and conversationalist – for the gathering at the hyper-plush Sheraton Hyde Park. Even though I conversed with a large number of the donors, we still managed to raise a substantial sum on the night. The highlights included an interview between our new CEO and our founder, Senior Australian of the Year David Bussau. We were also lucky enough to have one of our donors from the Philippines in the room. Her presentation was particularly moving, and a great reminder of how much we have, when others have so little. In other words, it was a great prod for the guests to write some cheques!

Chrissie, Rebecca, Karen and Sarah at our fundraiser. Have you ever seen a more glamorous looking finance team???

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