Though a straight line appears to be the shortest distance between 2 points, life has a way of confounding geography. Often it is the dalliances and the detours that define us. There are no maps to guide our most important searches; we must rely on hope, chance, intuition and a willingness to be surprised.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Antelope Park - Revisited!!

I have so much to catch up on! Music Festivals, salsa nights, some nice aussie weather...

But I have a big strategy meeting with the CEO of Opportunity tomorrow (exciting stuff) so no time for all of that. I’ll just have to be content with posting this amazing article. This all happened in Antelope Park, one of the absolute highlights of my trip:

Amazing picture of the moment a British teacher was attacked by a 400lb lion

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Adam and Jo said...

I've not looked at your blog for ages. It's a good idea to keep it going though. I'm thinking of continuing mine as well.

It's kind of a diary and "thoughts space" which is nice to look back on.