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Saturday, December 16, 2006

Son of a Gun Gonna Have Big fun, erm… in Cayo

A brief break in the rain at Cahal Pech

For my last trip in Belize I went back to Belize’s adventure capital San Ignacio (aka Cayo). Planned to relax (and catch up on sleep) after the hectic last week when I’d been working all hours to finish the project and the report.

These lizards in Cayo are recovering well from near extinction, now that hunting and eating them are outlawed. They can be well over 6 feet long, tail included.

The last week has been the wettest of the year in Belize. The rainy season is supposed to be over, but the flooding in San Ignacio suggests otherwise. This footbridge is a key link between local villages and San Ignacio itself. It is usually well clear of the water.

The main road into San Ignacio is a few feet under the flood waters here. Fortunately, one other bridge links San Ignacio with the rest of Belize. And even on Thursday morning that was high above the flood waters.

Most of Cayo’s adventure trips were washed out by the weather. I was quite happy to just chill out instead. Still managed to squeeze in one more Mayan site – the oldest inhabited site in Belize, Cahal Pech.

Cahal Pech

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