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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Fish Lingers

Tori the Shellfish (library photo)

Some of you have been in email correspondence regarding the ongoing adventures of Tori the (erm, dead) Shellfish. You may remember that a few days after the fishing trip, my neighbour Mr Torres had mentioned that he knew someone who could have my triangular friend injected with botox (or something like that) and preserved so that I could send him home and have him mounted on my wall.

I was kinda stunned by this offer. Putting aside moral doubts, and concerns over appropriate packing, postage costs and leakage, my main concern was over UK customs regulations.

However, there has been a further exciting development over the weekend. I now have a potential buyer for Tori here in Belize! Turns out that Mari’s brother-in-law has been looking for a Shellfish for some time as apparently they are extremely tasty and considered to be a rare delicacy.

So… stuffed and airmailed, or sold and barbecued? I could start an internet vote. Might include a third choice, in case the British Museum of Natural History get in touch.

In other developments, in reponse to concerns over the ongoing heatwave here, Tori has now been moved from Mr Torres ice-box to the secure depths of Evan’s freezer.

Is it a bird, is it a fish... is it a travel iron?

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Graeme said...

Not sure the WWF would approve of this - selling rare fishes to collectors? Are you sure Mari's brother in law is not from er East Asia?
I'm looking forward to your postings from Africa : " and Bob's uncle was very pleased to take the deceased white tiger off my hands. Apparently he is a teacher in a local school and it will be used in biology classes...."