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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

19 June - Stirling and Loch Katrine

Cheers to Adam for a grand day out on Monday. Adam and I cadged a lift with a group of Egyptian teachers who are in Scotland to improve their English. The tour was run by Adam’s mum who has been doing cultural tours for a good number of years – there can’t be many jobs where you need to speak Arabic and demonstrate highland dancing on a moving bus.

In the morning, we did a circular
4.5 mile walk from the Wallace Monument to Stirling Castle. The walk took us past a number of important historical buildings, but for me 17 Lady’s Neuk Drive in Cambuskenneth (which you can see behind Adam and I on the left) was the highlight, being my home until the age of two! The picture on the right is 4 Ferry Orchard, just round the corner, which my dad built (My Da Built that House Ye Know!) before I was born. 35 years on and, unlike me, still looks in great condition - well done Dad!

In the afternoon we walked part-way round Loch Katrine for another 5.5 miles, so… 22 miles down, 478 to go.

Thanks to everyone who’s made a donation so far – I really appreciate it and though there’s a long way to go I am determined to get to 500 miles as promised.

PS Adam, Jo, Alistair and Freya are back from India for a 3 week visit. They are out in India for a few years, doing some amazing work in Thane, near Mumbai and they have their own blog – see the link on the right. (Jo – hope to see you on Sunday 2/7)
PPS I’d better mention this before Adam does - after the walking he gubbed me 8-5 at pool. Even Dad P's silky cue skills were no match for Black-Ball Black.


Bill said...

Your Mum & I are glad to see that the houses that we built are still standing,I hope that you are after 500 miles.Dad

Graeme said...

If it was me, I'd have probably driven the 500 miles. Although in theory this would be easier, it would in fact bring up all sort of problems eg the London Marathon route would take you considerably longer in a car than walking.

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